Hello, My name is Gwami

Hey penguins!

My username is Gwami. I am extremely happy that I’m on working in this amazing website! Paintboy100 is super nice and his site is has over 16 million views! You’ll almost never find an awesome site like that is as good as this one! Well, here is my Club Penguin playercard:

I can’t wait to post great cheats everywhere at all times on this awesome website! Comment if you have any questions or comments about me!



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  1. Hey there! r u new to club penguin?
    i think this is an awesome site too! 😉

  2. awesome nice to meet u gwami add me im zarahstar but im band 4 2 more hours c ya then

  3. Hi how are you famouse?

  4. Hey! I’m an awesome fan of this site, so can I work here? My site is http://www.horrid123sclubpenguinblog.worrdpress.com. I hope you add me!

    ~Horrid 123~

  5. Hey people you can love paintboy100 but watch my site plz!!!!

  6. Why isn’t he wearing any items?
    Does he have any?

  7. Why can’t we comment on other posts?

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