Hello everyone, Im Yankymetro

Hello everyone!

My name is Yankymetro. im really exited that im on this awesome site! Paintboy100 is really nice. his site is over 16 million hits! u will never see a good site like that! anyways, here’s my player card:

Ican’t wait to post club penguin cheats all around the island. And sorry that this site got hacked. i hope me and browser can do something paintboy100! comment if u have any questions!



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  1. yep! Cant wait to work with you yankymertro!


  2. First comment xD

  3. why it like this at the end (…)??

  4. OMG! Congrats Yanky!!! 😀 Man I partcipated too, but I guess they didn’t choose me cause my blog got deleted and they dont know the new. 😐

  5. Hi i am from club penguin my name is moorrruuii im allways on!I dont know how to get my player card on here i will try to!

  6. hay my names emily and im new to this website and i am 10 years old and im single so any cute boys out there wanna go out with me you have to live in v.a and go to white okes elementery school and be in 5th grade

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