Hello Everyone!

Hi peepz 😉 My name is browers and I am a new arthor on this awesome site! 😀 I am very lucky to be working on paintboy100s site and with post as much club penguin cheats and help as I can! I am new in the posting world but have come across many super things like working on drigerbests site and getting a site of 40,000 hits for free 🙂 I think working on this site though is the best becuase it has 16mil hits and you dont see a site with so many everyday!

If you see me just shout browers and I will come over and have a chat! I am over joyed to be working here and can not wait to start as this is the best club penguin cheats site in the world!




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  2. HEY this is ashyman3 i wanted to know if i could have a blog on this site

  3. omg i love this web it is mad it helps and i think herbit is up to somthing

  4. hi im ratchet1004 i am realy famaus beacuse i know someones pasword and name it is squidpenguin and pasword is 123jim

  5. I saw you in CP!

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