Club Penguin Pin Cheats – Hidden Pin November 2009

Hey Penguins,

CP just released the new hidden pin and we have the club penguin pin cheats and location for november 2009.

Club Penguin Video Guide:

Club Penguin Tutorial Guide:

The first thing you need to do to find the hot chocolate pin is go to the town

Next you need to head into the cp coffee shop

Then you should be able to find the hot chocolate pin on the left side of the main room by the couches

There you go, this is a pretty cool pin for the holidays because i love hot chocolate 😉 , hopefully there’s a lot of good 2010 club penguin pins.

Good luck and have fun

P.S. Be sure to enter in the free club penguin membership contest today by clicking here



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  1. some new has happen at the dojo and volcano.

  2. can u please make a video of someone playing the new multi-card jitsu? Thank you if u do. I am sure all non member penguins want to know how it is played with multiplayer.

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  6. what’s all the yooooo about?

  7. need member free

  8. good vid cant wait till december

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