Be An Author Of A Team Paintboy Website

Do You Want to be an author on this site or another team paintboy website?

If you do you can apply to be an author and you might get a chance to be a mod/author on a popular club penguin cheats site like paintboy100.wordpress,, or

For more information and to apply you can click here


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  1. i wanna be a author plz plz plz

  2. Hi Paintboy,

    I would like to apply and be author on your site and help out.


  3. I hope you chose me 😀

  4. i sent u it and i would love 2 help this website and i have alot of hidden secrets on club penguin!

  5. hey its me again i ned a to ask you a qustion can i menchen my name if im an ather or my penguin

  6. eeeeeeeeh…no

  7. i want to have a cp membership

  8. me i use photoshop CS4 Extended, after effcts and photoscape I had 2 blog that one have 130.000 hits and the other have 40.000 hits.
    I am waiting for your answer please let me know.

  9. I Got This Email About “Paintboy100 subscribe” Does That Mean Im Apart Of TeamPaintboy100?

  10. Good post, great looking website, added it to my favorites.

  11. i do but i have to make a new email first

  12. how get mebership hey for free i wanna have it no money just for free

  13. hi paintboy!

    can u email me with all the details to become an author for this site. I really would love to, but I can’t access the link!

  14. i will help too because i know some cp cheats the cheats are how to talk with a newspaper the newspaper
    2.then click we need you
    3 then press tab on your keyboard
    4.then enter what you want to say
    5. you will be talking with a newspaper

  15. I would love to help out in any way man, I know so much about cp, but know you could teach me more, I would love to apply for this position, Thanks!

  16. i would like to work for you paintboy i have a site of my own called

  17. me i really want a club penguin cheats website

  18. Hey chose me if you do I will meet you on club penguin. This is my email

    NOTE: I will also give you 9000 pounds on club penguin.

  19. Thanx for this very great blog post. I appreciate it very much. I wait for others blogs posts.

  20. Dear Paintboy100, I would like to be a auther of your website. Please choose me.

    – Ja231

  21. please let me be a author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. sup paintboy, i know alot bout cheats, and i now alot bout cp to. i done almost everything that i seen, if you pick me i will be happy to help you make your cp cheats.

  24. yo its me vipul123 aka so i would love to help btw i think i know paintboy100 in person so i hope he chooses me again btw i am jc and he is mc

  25. yo i am vipul123 in cp aka so i think i know paintboy100 in person and would love to help him out yeah i have a cool glitch which can get you loads of cash in cp again btw i am jc and paintboy100 is mc aka koolboy1998

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