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New Club Penguin Pin & Secret Room November 2009

Hey Penguins,

Club Penguin released a new pin and it’s in a secret room that you can only get to by going through the stage and then into another secret room that you can only get into by having a group of penguins stand on specific “X’s”.

It’s a Little hard to explain so check out this club penguin pin guide that shows you exactly how to find the club penguin pin for november 2009.

First you need to head to the stage.

After you get to the stage you’ll notice that it transports you to a new place.

november 2009 pin

Once in the room you need to get penguins to stand on the majority of the X’s on the ground (the x’s are made out of rocks and i circled them so you’ll know what i’m talking about)

Once the rock moves and opens up the entrance to the hidden room you need to go into it.

how to find pin

Now you need to get a group of penguins to stand on the X’s made out of rocks again.

new club penguin pin

After you do this the club penguin treasure chest will open up and you’ll be able to get the new club penguin pin the magic phile pin!!

magic crystal pin

There you go!! Be sure to get the pin before it’s gone even though it’s a little harder to get this club penguin pin than most!

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4 Responses

  1. Can u please take a picture of the whole new room and post it on your blog. Thank you if u do.

  2. i want to be membership on clubpenguin also i want to build my amulet

  3. Click my name to visit my new Club Penguin questions and answers website. I’ve spent ages making it and it is really cool! I’ve answered ONE HUNDRED questions on there!!!!!

  4. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks. i wanted to know whear it was!1

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