WAYYYY Old Penguin Of The Week Contest Winner

Hey Penguins,

This is super late getting up here because one of the old authors on this site was supposed to announce the winner and put them as the penguin of the week, but they don’t work here anymore due to some “reasons”

So i never announced the winner or what the picture was actually of.  But this was The hardest penguin of the week contest yet and there were a lot of guesses, a lot of were really close but only a few were 100% correct.

So without any more wait the paintboy100 club penguin penguin of the week contest results are below:

The original Zoomed In Picture:


And Now the Actual Picture:


As you can see the correct answer was pizza sign, the top left of the pizza sign to be exact.  A lot of people guessed different signs but only a select few guessed the correct sign and location on the sign.

So the winner of the penguin of the week contest is shaksphere!!
He was the first penguin to guess the pizza parlor sign and i’ll be sending him an email to get him set up as the club penguin & paintboy100 penguin of the week.

Thanks to everyone for playing and i’ll be sure to stay on track with the weekly penguin of the week contests!



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  1. Hi paint,

    I know that it is hard to control 2 websites, so I am offering my help… If interested please reply on my blog


  2. Hey, i was wondering if that was Chinsetakouts pengy in the pic plz reply

  3. hey dude i love ur website it rocks, dude u could be the coolest penguin (wich u r that i no of) in C.P. dont stop ur site it can really help new ppl thnks dude (email my email) 🙂

  4. can i be a author of your site?

  5. fever1836 is the most famous ever! i saw him!!! add him if u see him!
    plzz add him!!!! if u can he is toooooo famous

  6. You can buy the new Club Penguin Mix ‘n’ Match Figure! 🙂 No Problem for letting you know! Thanks Paint!

  7. you forgot the stuff about the new play, new room, new pin, new ninja item (amulet) new postcards, and stuff like that. No offence cause I know you have too much sites to update and this is not your most important site but i just wante you to know cause alot of ppl visit this site!

    Sorry for pointing that out but I felt it was important! lol

  8. Well done you dont copy

  9. Well done to the winner! Hey paintboy100, when u do picture by paint dont use the paint wand, use the square and save it as png instead of jpg to make it hign quialtiy, hope I helped!

  10. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ♥ ☻ Munchy ☻ ♥

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