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New Penguin Style Catalog Cheats & Sled Pin

Hey Penguins,

I’m re posting this because last time i posted it it didn’t work for some reason.

So here’s all the new club penguin cheats and secrets for the new november – december 2009 clothing catalog aka the penguin style catalog.

BUT before the new penguin style catalog cheats here’s where you can find the new club penguin pin – the sled pin.  It’s hidden on the ski hill and as soon as you get to the top of the ski hill you’ll probably see the cp pin.


This is what the club penguin sled pin looks like close up


Alright, so now onto the new clothing catalog cheats.


The first hidden item in the cp clothing catalog is the dizzy white puffle. To get the puffle you need to click on the white puffle sitting on the purple penguins head.


To get the red cp viking helmet you need to click on sensei’s dojo that’s in the distance.

red viking helmet

Now for the blue viking helmet you need to click on senseis dojo 3 more times, then the helmet will become the blue viking helmet.

blue viking helmet cheat

For the next cp catalog cheat you need to click on the tiny blue mushroom and then you’ll be able to buy the black cape for when you want to be a super hero penguin ;p


For the last club penguin catalog cheat you need to click on the word “work” in the penguins at work banner.  When you do this you’ll be able to buy the black super hero mask to go with your superhero cape.


Well that’s all the new club penguin catalog cheats for the november 2009 penguin style catalog.  It feels like this year went by so fast, next week it feels like well be getting the november 2010 penguin style catalog haha.

P.S. I know this is late but last time i posted this it didn’t work and then I lost my internet for a few days so i couldn’t post it till now. I figured i might as well post it though since i already wrote it and it was just sitting there.


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