New Club Penguin Series 5 Hidden Cheats!

Hey There Penguins,

Serios 5 Of The Treasure Book Is Out. Thanks Oreo Summit. As I Was Looking Through The Book I Found A Couple Of Hidden Cheats ;-] Here They Are:

Go to the second page of the Treasure Book. Then Click On The Small Green Forest Tree. Near The Big Brown Tree:

Serios 5 cheat2

Go to the sixth page of the Treasure Book, Then Click On The Snow Flake Just On The Left Side Of The Page In The Middle:

Series 5 cheats2

Go to the fourth page of the Treasure Book, Then Click On The Yellow Fish Near The Mermaid.

Serios 5 cheat

Thats All For The Cheats. Your Free To Copy This Aslong As You Give Me Credit =] Anyway What Do You Think Of The Serios 5 Book =/ Man That Serios 5 Came Out Quik ;-]

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President


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  1. Cheat. Stone igloo

    Go to your igloo and go to upgrade igloo. Go to the page with the deluxe snw igloo. click on the right hand side of the frame of the door. You should come up with Secret deluxe stone igloo.

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