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Press Meeting

Hello Im Ryanbearsroc And This Is Something New I Would Like To Try.
Yes It Is A Press Meeting. I Will Be Taking Questions Like

  • How Did You Become Famous?
  • Where Are You From?
  • What Do You Like To Do?

So Questions Like That. I Will Add On Cp And The Press Meeting Will Be At My Chat Group.
The Link Is http://xat.com/Ryanbearsroc .

Im Sorry Paint Its Not Much Of A Link Im Just Saying For This One Thing. Ok So I Will Take Questions On My Chat Group And Add On Cp. Heres The Info.

                Where: Frosty

                Day: Today

                When: 4:00 pm pst time

                 Room: Cove For A Little Then Command Room (First Cove)

                 Why: Its Something Different And You Can Get To Know Me Better

            I Will Add You All On Xat And Club Penguin I Dont Know If Paintboy100 Is Coming So Dont Bug Me About That Or Call Me Lier. Here Is The Link On Last Time http://xat.com/Ryanbearsroc .

Ok Please Come For A Blast and Yes I Might Wear Some Cool Stuff. ~!Ryanbearsroc!~

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  1. Whats the Command Room?

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