Better Igloo Catalog Hidden Items & Cheats

Hey Penguins,

Club penguin just released the new better igloo catalog for october and november of 2009 so here are all the hidden item cheats for the better igloo catalog.  Just so you know club penguin did it really big this time and added a ton of new club penguin cheats to this months furniture catalog :

club penguin november 2009 better igloo catalog cheats

  1. The first thing you need to do to get to your better igloos catalog is click on home button on the lower right hand side of the screen.
  2. Then click on the eidt room button that’s in the lower right of your screen as well
  3. Next click on the button that says “buy items”
  4. Now your into the new better igloo furniture catalog.

Now to the furniture catalog cheats...

caldron for club penguin

For the first cheat you need to click on the window towards the upper right of the creepy cottage cut out. When you do this you’ll find the cauldron for 630 coins.

puffle pumpkin

For the next cheat you need to click on the brick pillar connected to the iron gate ( it’s on the same page as the creepy cottage. ) After doing this cheat you’ll get the puffle jack-o-lantern for 250 coins.

how to get lcd tv

Now you need to go to the second page for the next cheat. On this page you need to click on the jack-o-lantern on the far left and you’ll get to buy the hidden lcd television for 2500 coins.

funny pumpkin

The next item cheat is still on the 2nd page and you need to click on the tombstone on the bottom right of the page. When you click on the tombstone you’ll get the next hidden item and it’s a Goofy jack-o-lantern for 250 coins.

piano cheat

The next hidden item cheat is on the 4th page and you need to click on the ticket booth. When you click on the ticket booth you’ll get to buy the hidden piano for 4000 coins ( now that’s an expensive hidden item cheat hehe )

club penguin bowling alley

For the next hidden item you need to click on the 3rd page of the catalog and click on the mirror. This cheat will get you the club penguin bowling alley item for only 700 coins!!

This is one of my favorite secret items on club penguin because you can turn your igloo into a bowling alley for your next club penguin party =)!

secret electric stove

The next club penguin cheat is on the same page and all you need to do is click on the knobs of the stove.

cp fridge

Once you do this cheat you’ll get the hidden cp fridge for 700 coins.

2 music furniture cheats

Now you need to go to the fourth page of the catalog. Here you can click on the DJ table & also the gramophone to get hidden items.

club penguin wall speakers

If you click on the Dj Table you’ll get the hidden wall speakers for 800 coins.

penguin band stage

If you click on the gramophone then you get the club penguin band stage for your cp band =).

hidden bowling pin

Now on to the next club penguin cheat. Go to the 5th page of the catalog and click on the construction barrier and you can buy club penguin bowling pins for 40 coins each. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Well that’s all the club penguin cheats in the new better igloos catalog or better known as the club penguin furniture catalog. It’s about time club penguin added a ton of new cheats to their catalogs. Hopefully they’ll keep doing a ton of hidden and secret item cheats in the newer catalogs & cp magazines.

Think of all the stuff you can do with these hidden items, you can buy the stage, a couple bowling alleys & pins, and some speaker. Then you can throw one of the best club penguin parties ever haha. I’m already getting some awesome ideas for the next paintboy100 party. ( bowling party at my igloo with a live band )


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