I am very sorry I havent been posting. I have been very busy with school work and im proud to announce I have all A’s. Yes that is pretty cool. Ok well now down to business. I was thinking maybe lil maney or paintboy100 would have a………….. HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!!!! Yea thats right I said Halloween Party. Ok so I hope that lil maney wont put my post at the bottom again! But if you actually have time to read it here is the info.

                                    Server: Frosty

                                    When: Friday October 30th

                                   Time: 5:00 pm penguin standard time

                                    What to wear: Your Halloween Costume

                                   Special Guests: Paintboy100 (possibly),Lil Maney (possibly)

                                    Party Hosts: Ryanbearsroc,And  Oreo Summit

        So please be there I will be there lil maney might paint might and oreo will! please be there for a halloween blast!


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