New Club Penguin Halloween Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Sneek Peek!

Hey There Penguins,

Club Penguin Is Getting Ready For Halloween And The Halloween Igloo Contest, Club Penguin Will Be Releasing A New Better Igloos Catalog This Friday. Here Is A Sneek Peek Of An Item Being Held In This Firday’s Catalog:

New Igloo Sneek Peek!

I Think This Is All Pretty Cool? I Cant Wait For Halloween Party 2009, Gary Is Also Coming And Ive Got The Tracker Up And Ready So Stay Tuned. Also Look At The Gate Wouldnt it Be So Cool If Club Penguin Acctually Had There Own Haunted House With Evil Puffles And Stuff? AWESOME!

Also On Friday There Will Be A “Submit” Button In Your Igloo To Enter The Decorating Contest. Are You Going To Enter? I Sure Am, Also Might Have A Mini Party In My Igloo On Halloween ;-] Gary Might Come.. Just Kidding ;-]

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President


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  1. cool!!!!!

  2. cool

  3. That’s so cool! Where is Gary Gonna Be At?

  4. i love club penguin at the moment in dojo i am on the light blue belt 2 off from black belt I HAVE ONE QUSTION COULD YOU TELL ME WERE TO FIND THE AWNSERS TO UNLOCKING THE CODES TO GETTING EW CARDS IN THE DOJO

  5. why do people not comment on ur post any more

  6. WOW AWESOME! Im a total club penguin fan. Secret angent, tour guide, member! Can’t wait 4 Halloween!

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