Heres this awesome picture I made if you want one comment and I will meet you and make one.


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  1. names Mr2010 and i want one of those cards to plz 🙂

    hope to hear from you soon


  2. I would like one 😀


  4. I want one and meet me at CP username:MATEST PASSWORD:MORENO1 Server:grizzly FIND ME

  5. i want one

  6. comment on my site cpblank.wordpress.com when you want to meet me

  7. Please could you make me one?

  8. can you meet me today on glacier at the iceburg for my birthday party and for the pic
    Time:5:00pm eastern

    and if you cant we can change the date

  9. Ya hey how did you do that I have been trying to figure out how to make my penguin look awsome like that find me on server Husky today mabey at like 5:45 meet me at the coffe shop ok?

  10. AWESOME!!!! can u make 1 of me? my pic is in the comment! plz!!!

    ~Crazy piplup

  11. Please meet me at youkon today!!! and make me one!

  12. it is pimp ttly i want 1!!!! l u

  13. Meet me on Sabertooth @ 4:00 PM PST At the cove. Please make a super cool pic of me!

    ~ Dooyaga

  14. kool I want one

  15. hey my name is whity123pink can u make me one of those plz thnx

  16. hey can you make me one of those pics thnx


  17. nice, my penguin is jaggre, and my fav server is mukluk. 4:00 PST

  18. Can you make me one Im Owner500 On club Penguin Im always on Ice Pond Please please please 🙂

  19. i want one!!!

  20. i want one

  21. i want oneee!!!

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