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Club Penguin Gary Tracker – How to Find Gary on Club Penguin Cheats & Tips-Where Is Gary & How To Get Hes Backround!

Hey There Penguins,

Gary Has Made It To Club Penguin For The Halloween Party! Use The Tracker Below To Find Him! Our Club Penguin Gary Tracker Is Highly Accurate And Updates Every 5 Seconds With Gary’s Location.

Click Here To Refresh The Tracker!

Gary is giving away a free autographed background to the penguins who find him.

Current status: Online

Last seen in server: Mammoth
Last seen in room: Secret Lab

Use The Official Club Penguin Hood Chat To Find Gary! Chat With 100’s Of Penguin Online Telling Each Other Where Gary Is!

We Also Have Tips And Cheats On Finding Gary On Club Penguin Below!:

Club Penguin Gary Tracker Cheats and Tips:

1. The Gary tracker is updated very quickly and tons of times a day. Refresh the Gary Tracker every few seconds.

2. Gary is a blue penguin with a white lab coat, a tie, and glasses.

3. Gary goes on popular servers during peak hours of the day. Some of his favorite servers include Blizzard, Mammoth, Frozen, and Sleet.

4. Gary will only be at the Secret Lab on Club Penguin. He will not hide in any other room, so do not check there.

5. You can get a free autographed Gary background if you can find Gary By Using This Tracker

6. Gary always has tons of penguins crowding him when he is on Club Penguin. Use the users in room list to find his name quicker.

7. Gary goes on servers for 10-15 minutes. This means you will need to find him fast. Make sure to keep refreshing the Gary Tracker for updates as soon as we find Gary.

8. Gary can go on more than one server at a time. This means you have a better chance of finding him. Sometimes a bot logs in as Gary but most of the time it is an actual person.

9. If you do find Gary, make sure to Comment On This Post with what server, and what time you found Gary at.

10. If You can find out where others found Gary on Club Penguin by viewing this posts comments.

When you find Gary on Club Penguin, you will receive this autographed background. Here is a picture of Gary’s autographed background:

Gary Backround

This is the most accurate and most updated Club Penguin Gary Tracker on the web. Make sure torefresh the Gary Tracker as much as possible for the most recent update with Gary’s location on Club Penguin.

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President

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  1. how to get a pumpkin mask
    1. Go to the haunted house.
    2.When you are in the haunted house you will find steps go up the steps.
    3Then you will find some pumpkin masks click one
    4 then you will have a pumpkin mask.

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