2nd Biggest Party

Hi Guys Ryanbearsroc Here! I Just Wanted To Remind You About The Party!

               * Server: Summit

                *Room: Dock

                 *Time: 3:00 p.m Penguin Standard Time

                * When: Nevember 1st 2009

                 * What To Wear: Your New Or Old Party Hat!oreos party Special Guests: Oreo Summit (host),Fano (host & beta),Ryanbearsroc (co-host),Lil Maney (maybe coming),Big Dane,Phat Fano (beta),Starbucks (beta),Sith Sith (beta),Evac789,Tanner3598,And Of Course The Great Paintboy100.            

  Party Hosters: Oreo Summit,Fano,Lil Maney,Ryanbearsroc

  There Are 5 Betas Coming!

  Also Remember Its Gonna Get Full Quick! And We Might Add! I Will Promise To Add But Only Before And After The Party We Will.


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