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New Club Penguin Pin Cheat-The Football Pin

Hey There Penguins,

Theres A New Pin On Club Penguin, “The Club Penguin Football Pin” Heres How To Find It:

1. Click On Your Map
2. Go to the Ski Village.
3. Go to the Ski Lodge.
4. Go upstairs.
5. Click on the Football pin.



Congratulations Youve Found The Latest Club Penguin Pin, The Club Penguin Football Pin.

What Do You Think Of This Pin, Comment Below And Let Me Know (:

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President

P.S. here’s a club penguin hidden pin video for the people that are too lazy to read =p

18 Responses

  1. Hey paintboy100, its me Akon Homiecp.

    Do you use MSN or AIM? I wanna chat with you 😉

    Have a good day.

  2. Hey Paintboy! I’m not fully understanding your message about becoming an author on a Team Apinboy Site. Please explain it. 😆 Sorry for the inconvenience. I would like to become an author while maintaing a healty following of rules because it would be cool to work alongside some awesome penguins!

    (~Double Mvp~)

  3. Hi PaintBoy100 and all team!I am romanian but please come at my halloween party.

    When:Today(10th october)

    Time:10:00 a.m cp time

    Server: Rainbow

    Room:Night Club

  4. Non of you went to my mini party im so sad now.

  5. thanks it works i love this pin

  6. i am rockhopper

  7. its me rockhopper

  8. i luve you pint boy

  9. I dont mind exchanging blogroll 🙂 I will add you about next week, cuz i have exams rite now. Comment and tell me wat you think on my site thx!! 😀

  10. hi guys i was thinking how do you take the photos of the screen without making it blury every time i try it. It becomes blury i would really like to know

    thank you have a good day

  11. Thanks for the help guys. This saved me a lot of time searching.

  12. Paint boy, I am sad. My computer won’t let me see your funny pics for some reason.

  13. Paintboy100 & Crew I Made My Own Website And I Got Pictures From Yours However My Website Is A Piece Of Garbage So I Was Wondering If I Can Be Part Of The Crew And Author I Also Go On Your Other Websites. I Also Followed You Lot On Twitter.
    P.S. I Always Go On Mammoth So I Can Tell You In Person Or Shall I Say Penguin. You ROCK!!! And The Crew ROCK!!! Like Lil Maney, OreoSummit, ETC. Thanks

  14. i have had lots of comments on how to hack and id like to find out

  15. u r a cool penguin

  16. u r a cool penguin wat world are u going on for the halloween party

  17. hey this is a good website……
    i got a free puffle without wasting money
    and without being member ♥

  18. hey this is a good website……
    i got a puffle without paying and without being
    a member!♥

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