Ok The Winner For The Penguin Who Commented And Got Picked Out Of A Hat Is……….. Pie Lord2!

                Congrats! If You See Him On Cp Remember To Say Congrats! Im Sorry I Couldnt Add All But Thats All For This Time! You Should Comment And You Too Could Win A Coin Code!



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  1. Hi ryanbearsroc I am glad Pie won he deserved it very much and I recorded the party if u wanna watch it I will give the link after cause i am uploading it right now Thanks I had a great time with u at ur party


  2. Bear, there is something you need to know. Please go to CPSmiles and find “Brindlepup’s goodbye (resigning from CPSmiles) yours is the one in orange.


  3. DUDE!

  4. hi its me im having a party on frosty to night at five and at seven

  5. We’re not quitting CP though

  6. heya its me i wanna remind you about the party

    When:at 5:00 est & at 7:00 est tonight

    Where:dock(then moving)

    Server: Frosty

    hope to see you there:)
    P.S.paint and oreo and ryanbearsroc might come

    o ya and i will be there at 4:30 or so

  7. hi its me again sorry heres the REAL party

    Where :dock (then moving)

    When : at 2cp time and 4cp time

    Server : frosty

  8. ok guys im very very sorry bear is going on a plane oreo is sick and paint is in scool so heres the new up date sorry.

    WHEN: october 10th

    TIME:2 cp time and also at 4 cp time

    WHERE:dock (then moving so hurry)

    SERVER: frosty

    WHO WILL BE THERE: hope fully oreo paintboy ryanbearsroc and me pie lord2

    ok guys i might have to change the time again so bye for now!!!!!

  9. just a reminder the party is comin up soon well one is plz come and ill add you im trying to see if piantboy ryanbearsroc and oreo summit can come so look at the comment above to see the times!!!

  10. guys the paty is here where r u???

  11. paintboy100 i saw u at th dojo courtyard
    p.s. meet hardrocker6 in server sleet in the light house.
    i love you

  12. i love you.

  13. hi amazing

  14. OK GUYS NOBODY SHOWED UP:( OREO CAME FOR A LITTLE BIT AND BATISTA CAME BUT NO ONE ELSE!!!!i might start up my own blog so bye for now

  15. This site rocks!!!
    ill tell all of my friends to go on it!!
    This is the bet site for club penguin ive been on!!

  16. can i plz win? i think ur awesome. rock on dude. great cheats

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