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party reminder

Ok You Guys Did Not Get 100 Comments But Its Ok The Prize Was To Be Added By Me And Get A Coin Code So Just Comment And I Will Put Every Name Who Commented In A Hat And The Winner Gets It! Also The Party Is Today So Remember To Come.

                                 Server: Frosty

                                 When: Today

                                  Time: 5:00 pm cp time

                                Room: Dock Then Moving

                                Who: Ryanbearsroc,Paintboy100,Oreo Summit,Ice Cold12347

           So Please Come And Remember To Comment! Thanks And Remember Always Check Here And Comment!


39 Responses

  1. First comment CHOW

  2. Awesome! Good luck everyone!!

  3. I am lilly020211 and I want to be put in the hat

  4. hi ryanbearsroc,
    Your Party gonna be cool !

  5. your website is awesome
    cool i all so made a inn iggy

  6. ok man i tried man

  7. i am minnie066 and i want to be in the hat and can u meet me sometime so i can add u?

  8. Hey I made a dance floor igloo could we maybe go there

  9. im comin im zoo and i want to place into hat lso!

  10. woot woot paintboy 100 you rock

  11. you rock dude

  12. your website rocks

  13. dude you rock-Blaster12

  14. you rock woot woot lol-Blaster12

  15. Cool and awesome site

  16. i hope this party is as awsome as the last one was!!!!

  17. cool ill be on

  18. yay i will come and it will be great guys u all rock

  19. also i hope i win crossing fingers

  20. ok guys remember comment

  21. thanks guys just to let you know im at the party right now. I get there really early

  22. comin soon

  23. i rate your website five stars man and put me in the hat


  25. I was there!!!

  26. Hi Paintboy and all team!I am Romanian but plase come at my halloween party.I have a club penguin romanian blog and please come at my party.It is 10th octomber at 10:00 o’clock (cptime),server is rainbow at night club.Please come!!!You are a top body but you are a cool penguin!

  27. kool good job guys

  28. Please come to my igloo Its:

    Date:11th October
    Time:(Bout 6:30pm normal english time)(i dont no what it would be in cp time)(i will be there early)(bout an hour early)

    Specail penguins:Panitboy101 and friends
    Place:My igloo (On Map!) (but meet up in night club please)

  29. Hey [:
    im commenting for a chance to win?
    my username is.. Juicyxx

  30. today on sunday?

  31. hi its me tarahpownall thats my user name my real name is well sence this is a comment i dont want to give it out its awsome that some won is going to win coins i hope i have 10% or more of a chance

  32. My penguin’s name is Crystale11!!! Plz pick me!

  33. thats cool

  34. that is cool

  35. wicked idea i would love to have a coin code who is me7778

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