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My Party It Was A Blast! Paint Did Not Show Because He Had alot Of Work So You Can Call Me Lier I Dont Care But I Tried.He Will Try To Show At The Next.So Once Again Call Me Lier I Dont Care.



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  1. me ryanbearsroc

  2. it was fun but he added then deleted me 😦

  3. i was there when is the next party i tried to add you but you wouldt say yes 😦

  4. ME at bottom! :)…………Anyways did paint ever come on?

  5. o lol nvm he didnt

  6. ayerp

  7. i saw paint thats wierd

  8. dude stop making random posts

  9. huh cool. Hey Ryan. Brindlepup and I decided that we are livin like larry if you heard so we quit our site and gave it to richie and blubber. later dude.
    -Pink icey186

  10. your a liar!

  11. LIER YOUR A LIER LIER LIER LIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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