Lil Maney Find More Info About The New Room, The Storm And The 4th Anniversary Colour Hats!

Hey There Penguins,

I Was Flicking Through The New News Paper Issue #208 And I Found A Couple Of Cheats, I Know Whats Going To Happen Around These Days About The New Room, The Storm And Much More.

First Of All On One Of The Pages In The News Paper It Says “Perhaps Some Else, Can Give You Answers. Maybe A Science Master…” We All Know The Science Master On Club Penguin “Gary” Yep Gary Is Coming For Halloween And Ive Got The Tracker Up And Ready. Also If You Look On The News Paper You Willl Realise A Huge Dark Storm Were The Penguin Is Looking Up. Thats Right A Storm Is Coming To Club Penguin =] Same As Last Year. Be Sure To Keep Checking The Telescope In The Cove.

New Storm

Also The New Room Mystery Continues. We All Know Theres Going To Be A New Room But Will it Be Like Last Year When The New Room “The Dojo” Came Out. And It Was Around The Halloween Time When The First Lighting Struck The Rumours Of Club Penguin 2008 Halloween And A New Room Came. As We Go Back Did You Realise Some Thing With Gary. The New Room Might Have Something To Do With The New Mission?

New Room Coming

Also Take A Look At This. These 3 Colours “Yellow”, “Green”, “Blue” Could Be The New Colours For The 4th Anniversary Party Which Would Be Located In The Coffee Shop.

New Hat

I Knows It The 4th Anniversary Colour Because Last Year On Club Penguin They Put Three Colour’s for the 3rd Anniversary Party Hat And It Ended Up As The Same Colours On Club Penguin.


Pretty Cool Huh? Did You Know I Was First To Realise All This And Post It All For You. I Was Going Through Alot Of Websites And They Didnt Post This All They Posted Was The News Paper, Or What They Guess The Colour Is Gonna Be. Anyway Comment On Your Thoughts About This Post What Colour Do You Think The 4th Anniversary Hat Is Going To Be? Also All Club Penguin Halloween & 4th Anniversary & The Gary Tracker All Gonna Be Posted Here At Club Penguin Hood (:

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President


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  1. Awesome lil maney i would have never guessed that!

  2. user:clarkdude999

  3. do you know were to get a hat or were they are located?

  4. u give more info the anyone i know. it good because some people forget to upload things


  6. I would have never guest about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ummm thx for the penguin (clarkdude999) its pretty cool this is the BEST cp cheat website around !

  8. cool u r so good at finding hints im always on your website i love it


  9. hi paintboy100 great website from you biggest fan reddiezeddie

    ps.i couldnt make it to ya party

  10. i hate this site i will find the password by my passwordfinder

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