Club Penguin Throwing A Snow Ball In The Box Dimension Glitch!

Hey There Penguins,

Check it out, if you go to the Box Dimension and throw a snow ball it will be curved

Here is the Guide. Firstly, Go to an igloo with a Box Dimension Box.


Once you are in the Box Dimension you need to click on the ‘Snowball’ Icon on the bottom bar.


When the target comes up you can throw it any were on the Box Dimension,and it will curve.


Pretty Cool Huh? Its Pretty Sweet! Also The Box Dimension Updated Alot. More Things Are Flying Around. LOL And Rockhopper’s Plants Are Still There From June ;-] What Do You Think? Comment Below And Let Me Know!

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President


24 Responses

  1. Oh i really need your email becouse i need to contact you

  2. uh………. you have always been able to make it curve. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. yo let me download

  4. That glitch is pretty old.

  5. thats not a glitch CP made it to do that because it is a joke!

  6. i know

  7. It is ment to do that

  8. How can i get a box dimesion?

  9. wow awosme!!! wadle on cp

  10. that glitch is super old

  11. yer

  12. old dude *yawn*

  13. not a glitch

  14. Sorry bud, but that’s been there and doing that since the Box Demension came out. It’s supposed to curve like that, because it’s the April Fools room. Things are supposed to be wacky.

  15. how can i find the Box Dimension?

  16. so I take it I cant comment.

  17. hi i wanna

  18. How can i get a box dimension?

  19. how do u get the box dimension thing????????

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