Paintboy100 Penguin Of The Week Contest

Hey everyone

It’s time for this weeks penguin of the week contest. Just like always the winner of the contest will be featured on the website as the official penguin of the week and have their penguins picture in the sidebar for the next week.

So without further ado here is the picture, it’s a zoomed in picture once again. The first person to correctly guess what the picture is of wins the penguin of the week. So everyone guess what the picture is!!


Do you know what the picture is?!?!? If you think you do leave a guess in the comments of this post and the first person to get it right will be the winner.

Good luck to everyone and i think i finally made one that’ll be harder to figure out haha

UPDATE : No one has got the answer correct yet, some people were REALLY close but they weren’t right. So keep guessing…



83 Responses

  1. i memba badge zoomed in =/

  2. its hard!

  3. lil maney said it was a member badge zoomed in

  4. cart surfer

  5. Is it the beta chat colors or the beta hat?

  6. Its a ticket

  7. The C for clubpenguin on the homepage.

  8. The G of NIGHTCLUB!!!!!!

  9. i think it is the p in penguin on the home page

  10. The G of Nightclub!!!!!!!!!

  11. A Member Badge!

  12. It would look cool if it would be green, orange and blue!

  13. it is the G of nightclub!

  14. is it the night club sign zoomed in ?

  15. g of nightclub

  16. the G of the nightclub

  17. A Fall Fair Ticket

  18. Its the fall fair Party Ticket thing

  19. the c of yhe nightclub

  20. is it the beak of an penguin?

  21. the mouth of a penguin

  22. litter (P) in “club penguin”

  23. its the face of a penguin.its between its beck and
    eye (left).

  24. its a penguin. its between its beck and its left eye.
    sorry if its not right.

  25. i think it is a bite hard but it may be a penguin or cart surffing or a beack of a pengin zoomed in.

  26. N in night club

    i win!


  28. squidzoids foot

  29. e of club penguin?

  30. the u or the b of the nightclub

  31. U in nightclub

  32. the g of club penguin!!


  34. its the pizza sign outside of the pizza parlor

    This is The WINNING Comment – Paintboy100

  35. it is the pizza sign outside the pizza parlor above the “P” in pizza

  36. the pizza sign outside the pizza parlor above the “P”

  37. I think it is Squidzoid! plzz say yes

  38. its the pizza sign. if i get it right then my account name is seegia.

  39. a close up of the p on the blue cp banner

  40. the price tag at one of the stores

  41. is it a zoomed in fall fair tickit symbol in the upper right corner at that party ?

  42. it is a penguin foot lol

  43. its the flipper of sensei

  44. its sensei’s flipper

  45. Is it one of the orange tags in the clothing catalog that says “BUY”?

  46. Hey Paintboy! I want to be an author.. you made an offer on Chinese’s site. Where do I become an author at? Thanks!

    (~Double Mvp~)

  47. can i be an author

  48. Isnt that the pet shop catalog?

  49. I letter Z in the word pizza on the pizza parlor

  50. dance club?

  51. dance club

  52. I think it is part of the night club sign

  53. It looks just like an orange tag like the one in the penguin clothing catalog.

  54. club penguin
    clock tower

  55. Moderator Badge?

  56. Gary sitting in a yellow chair at the HQ

  57. i think its part of the pet shop sign

  58. urg a penguin foot in water

  59. the moderater thing in the corner

  60. the moderator thing in the corner

  61. Hi,
    I think its the P or G of the word Club penguin on the home page.
    Waddle on cp!

  62. I think it ts the window of the pizza shop, fingers crossed!!

  63. the left top corner on the pizza parlour sign

  64. I think it’s the sign of the Pizza Parlor

  65. p in pizza at soccer pitch

  66. Night club!!!

  67. the z in the pizza parlor

  68. A ticket from the fall fair with 332 tickets on it

  69. The unlock items online??????

  70. Hi Paintboy,
    when do you tell us the winner of penguin of the week,
    waddle on

  71. es la placa de la pizzeria

  72. I THINK I KNOW WHAT IT IS NOW! is it the star sign that non members have zoomed in??

  73. I think the B on club penguins home page! :}

  74. The G in club penguin on the home page{this was my second guess} :<}

  75. I think its the surf sign in the sports shop PLZ BE IT!!! CUZ IFF IT IS NOT I WILL SUE CP and can I become famous!!

  76. the N of the nightclub!!!

  77. is it a penguins mouth

  78. Its a fat penguin?

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