Halloween Party Sneak Peek!

Hey Guys! Im Oreo Summit! I’m a new author here at Paintboy100’s blog! Im here to post about the halloween sneak peek! If you have noticed, parties in Club Penguin are usually the same every year! So some of you might know that there is usually a storm during the halloween party… Well, it is assumed to happen again! Here is what it looks Like!:


If you noticed, soon you will see this in the binoculars at the cove! The halloween party starts soon! Get ready!!!



See ya!

~Oreo Summit~


7 Responses

  1. It’s awesome to have you here oreo,

    I know you’ll do a great job!!!

  2. Hey I’m back. What are requirements of being an author here?

  3. Hey Paintboy,

    Can I be author so I Can help your site up and much more


  4. i always wanted to go to my first club penguin member party cause i just became a member tell me do you have to be a member too go there cause my friend wants to go but she is not a member?

  5. I wasn’t there for the storm last year so I hope it comes again this year

  6. wow ! awsome !!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait 😀

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