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Well This Is Somehing New I Will Be Doing Lil Maney Or Paintboy100 Can If They Want.So Have You Ever Thrown A Birthday Or Just Regular Party And Nobody Shows Up? Well Now You Can Have A Famous Person Go.I Will Go And Maybe Paintboy100 Or Lil Maney Will Too.Just Comment.Also I Will Take Requests If You Want Just Comment And Say A Place And Time And I Will Meet You.Or If You Just Want Me To Add You I Will.



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  1. Here ryanbearrocs i will be having a mini party october 5 5:00 pst server frosty, room ice berg maybe if u can show up i will try to add u guys

  2. srry last comment was wrong if i even did it was wrong this is right min party time 4:00pst server frosty room dock

  3. ok way to be the first to try something new! Paint might come idk but I will.

  4. ok

  5. Can you meet me at the lodge in Frozen at 8:40 PM central?

  6. I wanna have a party. I need some extra planning time so I will tell you the times later. 🙂 Thank you.

  7. Ok it will be a party but i’m the only one there because I just made it lol, Ok here it goes The party starts at matterhorn and go to coffee place at October 5, 3:00 PST please come see you there!

  8. hey my penguin name is pikachu98767 my party is on friday the nineth at 5:00 clubpenguin time on server flurry at the dock could u pleze come and the party will travel to anywhere on clubpenguin if ryansrock and or paintboy100 or lil manly will come we will go to ur igloo so please come

  9. my penguin name is pikachu98767 come to my party on friday the nineth please come and it will be at the server flurry room dock at 5:00 club penguin time please come because i have had ten other parties and only a few showed up

  10. Hi PaintBoy100!I am Romanian.I am your fan!Please come at my Halloween party.It is at 10 octomber at 12:00 o’clock server Rainbow,Night Club.

  11. hey Ryanbearsroc you are on paintboy100 site this is cooooooooooooooool

  12. srry guys i ahve close the party due to lot of stuff so i will keep u guys foward for my party

  13. heyaa ryanbearsroc wanna meet me and a few of my friends from school at the forest on 7th October 4:55 (when im home from school) so if you wanna join us having a bit of fun you are free to !

  14. Hi can you meet me.

    Time: 8:30 pm English time

    Date: 8th october

    Server: Ice berg

    Place: Dock

    I well come and a thew of my friends because we are i big fan of you thanks see you there.

  15. plz meet me right now at northpole in the hq cp name is minnie066

  16. nevermind. paint boy plz meet me on north pole on oct 6 in the hq at 1:30 pst. I want to add u.

  17. my penguin name is pikachu98767 come to my party on today please come and it will be at the server flurry room dock at 4:00 club penguin time please come because i have had ten other parties and only a few showed up
    I am sorry about my other post i just noticed that i will be at a friends house so i am begging anybody come please please please

  18. hey can u meet me?

    time: 5:00 pst
    where: ice berg
    server: frosty
    date: oct. 6th

    if u can please reply to this comment, thanks

  19. Mini party at 5:00 october 6 on tobbogan room pizza parlor name monkeyyouwho costume moose sheep

  20. will any one come to my party today at 500 pst please come i am pikachu98767 server frosty room dock

  21. hey wat’s up if you still have room on ur friends list i would like to add you if thats ok with you


  22. hi plz meeet me at mammoth at the dock at 7:50est

  23. can u plz meet me at the dock on mammoth at 8:00est
    on oct 5th plz i wanna become famouse!!!

  24. mammoth 8:10 at the dock oct 5th plz plz plz plz oh and see if oreo and paint can come too!!

  25. guys im sorry but paint took me off I dont know why thats all I guess.You were great fans and I hope to see you in the future.But I have made my decision I will now am thinking about quitting unless I join paint again bye guys.

  26. ok nvm it was just a mix up

  27. plz can i become ur buddy!!!!! i will post time and date at a further date. but plz!!!!!! btw, i am a member!!!

  28. plz can i become ur buddy!!! ill tell u the date later! btw i am a member!!! and my penguin is 1119 days old!!!!

  29. come to my party at 4:00 pst server flurry room dock please come it is oct. 6th please come

  30. can you guys join my army it would be cool to have someone as famous as you join

  31. hi
    im having a party on the 7th and i really want paintboy100 to come so if its possible can you ask him?
    here are the details:
    date: 7th october 2009
    time: 8:20am pst
    server: sabertooth
    place: iceberg

    please ask paintboy to come because i want to video it and also i really want to meet him and add me so thanks.

  32. and if you all would like to come i will be very happy!

  33. can yu meet me at server: winter blue room: ski attic time tomorrow 5 pm

  34. i want to come am i too late my saver is pengoo1238 plz add mee

    YOU WERE AT UM UM YESTERDAY CHANCE GOT PISSED AT YOU AND I JUST WATCHED! DANG IF I KNEW THIS BEFORE THAT I WOULDVE TOLD CHANCE TO SHUT UP! *rated pg-13* [i was nsdtv] if ya come back i’d be happy to chat i may not be a big time blogger but im friends wif oreo summit 😀

  36. Hey ppl can you please come to my party
    When: Oct 7
    Where: Glacier
    Time:1:00 Eastren time
    meet on the ice burg

  37. ok

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