Party Time!

Ok guys you know my team right? What!, you dont,well it is the Chicago Bears. I know you might say they stink. Well Im gonna have a party,not just for the Bears but for any team. Here is the info.

         When: Sunday the 8th

          Server: Frosty

          Room: Dock then moving

           Wear: Anything you would like

          Who: Ryanbearsroc,Icecold12347,Paintboy100(POSSIBLY),Lil Maney(POSSIBLY) thats it for now.

       ALSO THE WINNER FOR BEING MY VIDEO PARTNER IS……. SPLASHS MAN!!!! Congratulations! You officially havent won yet. I have too meet you both,and get to know you. So go to the party and be there half hour early too claim your prize you two.


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