New Author

Hello Im Ryanbearsroc.


Im A New Author!Now I Was At That Party And It Was A Blast! I Was Thinking Lets Start This Off A Fun Way! I Will Throw A Party!

       When: Sunday 4th

       Time:12:00 pm cp time

       Who:Ryanbearsroc (Me),Paintboy100,and oreo summit


     Server: Frosty

          What To Where:Anything!

      Thanks Hope To See You There!



6 Responses

  1. i know Ryanbearsroc his my buddy on cp and his with me on the website

  2. This site rocks!!!!


  3. Party rocked

  4. Thanks Guys! I Will Have Another Soon!

  5. Cool!! what is the party for? and if you see my around cp, add me!! thanks my sn is lulu4488!! keep a look out for me!! thanks a lot!!♥

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