Winner Of The Penguin Of The Week Contest

Hey guys,

It’s time i release the new cp penguin of the week winner. Drum Roll Please….. The winner of the 3rd paintboy100 & lilmaney club penguin of the week contest is ……. Stewiegrif32!!! The correct answer for the contest was rockhoppers ship the migrator!

Here’s the zoomed in version of the migrator:


Here’s the actual migrator:


A lot of you guys got this one right but stewiegrif32 was the first to answer it correctly (with the exception of lilmaney but he’s a member of the paintboy100 staff so i figured we should give it to someone else)

So as soon as you email me ( the screenshot of your penguin i’ll add you as the penguin of the week!!
If you don’t know how to take screenshots just go to youtube and type in how to take screenshots and you’ll learn in less than a minute.

Thanks to everyone who entered and we’ll obviously be doing another contest next week.



7 Responses

  1. Hi guys. How can I send you my Cp player card and become penguin of the week?

  2. Great Post! Also Dont Forget The Party Today. Paintboy100 The Blog Is Getting Biggger I Saw 80 People At Once And The Comments Are Growing.

  3. Congratulations for the winner

  4. i am holding a party

    when : 8pm club penguin time
    room: Ice berg

    hope you can make it can you please tell people to come
    thanks love your website byee

  5. my party is on the 5th of october my name is pengoo1238

  6. Paint its Oreo Summit from Club Penguin. Dude Id do ANYTHING to be an author on your awesome blog.

  7. ok i like the picture of gary and haper rookie with the crab its really godd see for you self

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