New Club Penguin Style Catalog October 2009 Cheats!

UPDATE: Tomorrow Is The Day For The Huge 16 Million Hits Party Along With The Club Penguin Hood Party Check Out More Info Click Here

Hey There Penguins,

Theres A New Penguin Style Catalog Out. And Ive Got All The Cheats For You Below For You Here At Paintboy100

1. Log Onto Club Pegnguin

2. Go To The Town

3. Go Into The Gift Shop

4. Click The Penguin Style Catalog On The Bottom


Here’s How To Find The First Hidden Item:

1. Turn To Page 2

2. Click On The Shining Yellow Light On The Top Right Hand Corner


Here’s how to find the Ghost Costume:

1. Go to the second page of the Penguin Style catalog.

2. Click on the small light in the top right.



Here’s How To Find The Second Hidden Item:

1. Go to the third page of the Penguin Style catalog.

2. Click on the wizard penguin’s right flipper


Also Club Penguin Added New Halloween Backround’s The First One On The Top Left Is Brand New Check Them Out:

New Backround

And For The Rest Of The Old Cheats Click Here

WOW! That Penguin Style Catalog Rocked =D I Cant Wait For Halloween Party, Also When I Came To Buy Stuff At First It Said Do You Want To Buy Undentified =/ Im Pretty Fast Even Before Club Penguin Approves Things In ;-] Also Scroll Up For The Party Invitation

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood & Paintboy100’s Club Penguin Cheats President


21 Responses

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the secrets i’ve just used them!!!!!!

  2. i love clubpenguin thx clubpenguin

  3. any rich plz can i be a member pwnguin

  4. When u click the little mushroom on the right on page 2, u get a black cape

  5. perfecto! But i think I know where the candies are since i did em few years in a row 😛
    well anyways good luck!


  6. this is so true so believe!

  7. Hi i think those cheats are great and i am a freak about halloween :<)

  8. I cant wat for Halloween! Im going to be Boba Fett In real! SOOO AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!

  9. I LOVE HALLOWEEN I’m gonna be a bar girl

  10. im online if u want to see me im on Tuxedo in my iggy!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hi paintboy 100 why did u buy chinsetakouts site u have loads and how much did u buy it for

  12. when will another party boat be coming i really had fun with the last one

  13. Hello I would like it if you don’t cheat.Waddle on.

    • i agree but i think that he was just trying to say that those are the hidden items. does that make sense?good

  14. there is one more hidden item. you click on the small mushroom that the ladbug-penguin is sitting on you forgot to tell HOW to find it sorry bout that!

  15. poyo

  16. thanks for the help.i come to your website all the time for it.just one more question?do you know where the bumblebee costume is hidden at.

  17. ive found another one if you turn the page 4 times and its got two penguins on with a laptop and one with a browny juamper on click on the mouse that the blue penguin is holding and you will find a bow tie!!!!!


  18. wow that really works thx!! 🙂

  19. cool thanx

  20. It’s actually the wizard’s penguin LEFT flipper. You see, he is facing you, so anything on the right side of his body will appear to your left, and vice versa.

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