Club Penguin Hood’s Party & The 16 Million Hits Party Join, The Worlds Biggest Club Penguin Party!


Hey Guys, Lil Maney & Paintboy100 Here!

Sweet! We Are Announcing Our 16 Million Hits Party For Paintboy100 & Lil Maney’s Club Penguin Hood Party.

LiL MANEY aND pAINTboy100 Partay!

Club Penguin Hood’s & Paintboy100’s 16 Million Hits Party:

When: This Saturday, 3nd Of October 2009

We have changed the time and the new time is ….

7 AM PST (penguin standard time)

That way its

7 am – 10 am in USA (depending where you live)

4 pm for England

10 pm for Australia

Also it is going to be on the server frosty  ( look below)

Server: Frosty, Plaza Then To My Igloo Just A Note We Will Be Going Around To Play Games Around Club Penguin And We’ll Probabley Move To Paintboy100’s Igloo

Special Guests: Paintboy100, Lil Maney, Oreo Summit, Matt26187, Mina716, Ayushbest1 & more!!!!

Hope You Can Come

Cya There!

It Finnaly Came I Cant Wait To See All You There, Its So Exciting Having Everything Back Up And Ready! =] Cya There

-Lil Maney & Paintboy100

P.S. We’ll be releasing more information and an invitation later today, invite all of your friends and even your enemies ( or not its up to you ;p)

We are going to make this THE BIGGEST CP PARTY EVER.  16 million hits and counting!!!!


31 Responses

  1. We Cant Wait To See You There!

  2. sorry paintboy i cant come if its 2 in the morning now im very upset


  4. Umm Yeah About England I Had The Same Comments On My Blog But If I Make It Later The People Of America Will Be Sleeping Dude =[ I Just Got Australia In Perfect Fit.

  5. Great News 😀

  6. We finally have it figured out the best way possible ( hopefully ;p )

  7. Paintboy100 Is That 10pm Which Is Night TIme In Australia?

  8. Making An Invitation 😀

  9. I Can Come I think
    this is be cool cant wait till the 3rd of october
    was this the other party you were talking about ?
    was the first one drigerbest

  10. Help Me What The Week Contest PICTURE is?????

  11. shoper with no shoper

  12. i think 7 am pst is good tome

  13. hey guys this has nothing to do with this plz post but im having a party its on thusday at 12 pst or in uk 8pm or in us 8am server iceberg room ice bereg all come plz and can you come it wold be gret if you could

  14. OMG That’s my birthday that day! Thgat can be a birthday party in CP! (Hi, I am new here)

  15. New to here means new to no this site, just correcting

  16. OMG! 5PM FOR ME! THATS AWESOME!!! =D IM SURE ILL COME 😀 Please add me btw, That would be Awesome if you do!


  17. Sorry dude but I’m not getting up at 7 in the morning in the US, the old time was perfect, can’t you bump it up 4 hours or something because I really want to go to it. Thanks if you can.

  18. YAY I WILL MEET U!!!!!!!!!! ok look for me there! i wil be on at 10pm!!!!


  20. Cool im comin
    Can u add me to your site

  21. i want a hat

  22. will you bev adding friends if you are please add me!

  23. cant wait paint and btw do u have a chat or do u go on chats cuz i wud like to chat with u

  24. dang I couldn`t go I was out running the autumn leaf run in my hick town okanogan

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