Club Penguin Of The Week Contest

Alright it’s time for the new club penguin of the week contest.  I decided to do another zoom in picture contest since everyone seems to like those.  So good luck to everyone and here it goes.


So do you know what it is?  If you think you do leave a comment with what you think it is and the first person with the correct comment will get to be penguin of the week and featured on the sidebar of our website for the next week.



55 Responses

  1. Sweet I Think Rockhopper

  2. No Wait It Looks Like Hes Ship

  3. A telescope??

  4. i think its gary

  5. this is a really hard one this week im puzzled about it lol

  6. a sail boat

  7. I think the items is rockhoppers sail hat with the puffle on top!! 🙂

  8. Is the answer the ghost costume ?

  9. Is it the ghost costume ?

  10. rockhoppers mast on the ship

  11. rockhoppers ship on the right hand corner of the mast

  12. rockhoppers ship

  13. i think it is a picture of paintboy100

  14. I’m guessing… the top of the Ski Lodge?

  15. ME please!! Its The Ship!!! of rockhopper!! please e_mail me!! thx!!

  16. Its rockhopper’s ship!!! my e_mail is

  17. Ski Lodge

  18. i don’t speak english very well. so i may say something wrong, but i think that, that is fro rockhooper’s ship (where the red pufffle is)(up)

  19. I think : you cant find it cause its the right up side of the sailing thing on rockhoppers ship!! 🙂

  20. Is it the corner of one of the sails on Rockhopper’s shit the Migrator?

  21. i think :you cant find it because its the right up side of the sailing thing on rockhopers ship.

    if u dont understand then its the other sailing thing of where the puffle is walking:its the end

  22. Caveman Costume

  23. it is rockhoppers ship

  24. Im thinking it is part on the migrator.The edge of the net.

  25. Is it the Migrator? Im trying for 2 weeks in a row for penguin of the week.

  26. I think its apart of the old dojo

  27. it one of the boat hat things, it a mascot thingie lol i dont know what it called, it a mascot hat i think, the boat 1 lol

  28. a macot hat thing

  29. macot hat thingie 🙂

  30. migrator

  31. its the migrator coming towards CP through the telescope

  32. Hello is it rockhoppers ship

    Thank you for your time

  33. i think it is the migrator

  34. the migrator

  35. Paintboy100 i think its the Migrators mast but then again i think its Sensei but i definitely think actually know its the Migrator’s mast

  36. Migrators mast

  37. its the migrator

  38. wow it is hard

  39. The Migrator?

  40. i thik is the nose ofthe rockhoper ship

  41. its a part of the migarator

  42. its penguins doing limbo

  43. I think its the Migrator.

  44. i think 2 things ski hill or a sailbot

  45. bottom of window in cave

  46. Its a propeller hat! Jaggre

  47. i am so happy its go yo be hallowee coz its my first time playing cp if you have cheat about hallow plz sent it to me.

  48. Its rh ship mast and the bar where yarr sits on

  49. the migrator?

  50. i think a bote

  51. i think it is part of the old dojo but im still not sure!!!!

  52. Is it sensei?

  53. the top of the skyrailing

  54. it the part of the mast

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