Club Penguin Dojo Finished

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Hey everyone, Drigerbest here! Club Penguin have finished the Dojo Construction and now its all done! They have even added the Amulet Shape into the pit. Maybe we will be able to start our Ninja Journey soon!!!??


I think I was first to post this! So remember who posted this? Drigerbest!!! 😀 Maybe we can unlock and buy the Ninja Amulet soon! I will let you know If I find anything cool! Remember, you saw this post first at this site! Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the new Dojo!


12 Responses

  1. What will Sensei do with the fiery items??

  2. wonderfull u rock!!!!
    first one to post=)

  3. I can’t wait until the Journey and the Amulet!
    Keep me posted!

  4. i think the new dojo is awsome but you are a jerk

  5. Lol, that’s me up there with my back turned. Oh and btw Drigerbest there’s a new sneak peek of the new clothing catalog in the What’s New Blog.

  6. I thought that the amulent would be in the catalog now. 😦 Oh well, good job on being the first one to tell us about it Drigerbest.

  7. yeah its awesome

  8. cool,join my cp army its great click my name

  9. yay first commment!

  10. you do know that hat isn’t the fininshed dojo. they still have heaps more work to do!

  11. you do know that that isn’t the finninshed dojo. they still have heaps more work to do! by the way you weren’t the first to post this!

  12. I am kind of jelous because this blog totally rocks!! lol The top CP sites are definetely this 1 and and ! BY FAR! Rock on!

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