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Club Penguin, Penguins around the world Pictures

Hey everyone, today the Club Penguin Blog updated the Penguins around the world pictures. Here is how they all look like:

This one looks cool, Lol. It made me laugh 😀

This one was also cool, Why are they all Pink!? Lol. So girly.

I totally love this one! Its placed on one the Tour Buses in England/London. Ive been on it before! AWESOME.

Here are the other pictures. Check them out!

Whats with pink!!! Lol. Which picture do you think is the best? Leave a comment and let me know.

6 Responses

  1. Whoa! Your site is doing amazing! If you get a spare moment, please visit mine and give me any tips you have to offer! Rock on!

    (~Double Mvp~)
    P.S I like the picture fo that lazy cat! 😛

  2. That’s sooo funny i still can’t stop laughing at the first one

  3. i like the one with puffles in the plastic balls

  4. i like the one with the pirate i forgot his name XD

  5. kool puffls

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