Club Penguin Amulet Mystery

Hey everyone, Ive got some extra ordinary news for you. You know the hole in the Dojo Hideout? Well, here is how it looks like at the moment,

If you check the events on the Newspaper on page C5, you will see a preview of what the Ninja Hideout will finally look like,

I was also looking at some old Club Penguin SWF’s. I found one and I decompiled it to get the FULL PREVIEW of the Ninja Hideout. Check it out, (Click it for full size)

If you wish to use the picture on your site, you must give a comment and a link to my one. In the center of the image, there are 3 symbols. I think we have to follow the Fire Symbol. Do you remember what the Sensei had said?,

“Admire this amulet. Symbol of power and experience, it is the key to mastering the elements. Open the secret doors hidden in this piece and pursue your journey. Dojo awaits the next. – Sensei”

Sensei had even said there will be new rooms for us to unlock and Im guessing the key to this new room is the Amulet. The amulet is a source of power because only Ninjas can wield it when it comes out. The amulet also has 3 elements on it, Fire, Water and snow. Maybe we will be able to meet Sensei at the new room to? What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.


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  1. Dear DrigerBest And PaintBoy,
    I think its something to do with a quest for ninja’s a sign for something. P.s im on the picture 🙂 i didn’t know that lol

  2. Think you can come to my 50 000 Hits Party? It’s your chance to become friends with a beta-tester!

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    I hope you can make it!


  3. Thank you Paintboy100! You are a very good friend! ;)Im going to give you and an advice create a chat box. Its gonna be awesome dude!


  4. Paintboy100 u rock! I met you and DrigerBest yesterday! U guys keep rocking! -Waddle on!!

  5. what’s an swf? and how could I see this on my computer?

    • a swf is a file made in flash, or a file with the extention .swf, clubpenguin is made in flash & php, so if you look at the clubpenguin files, you are looking at the swfs. it is possible to download, and then decompile the swfs to either look at things in them that are not meant to be shown, or to see the actionscript, as well as other things.

  6. U rock!

  7. hullo, what swf is it that you are referring to? is it an old ninja hideout swf? a newspaper swf? It does not seem to me that it would be a room swf, as that ninja is not doing a motion available in ceepee. So i would guess a news swf, or a catolaughe swf. Can someone please tell the generall fans and not just the poplar(tree) ones what swf this is?

  8. what abouut the amulet you did not say enything about it

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