New Penguin Of The Week Contest

Hey guys it’s about time for the new penguin of the week contest. The first one kinda stunk because the person who won never sent me a screenshot of their penguin so i wasn’t able to add to my sidebar as penguin of the week. However if you read this minnie066 i’ll still put you up even though your week is up. So if you still want to be featured let me know.

Anyways here’s the second zoomed in club penguin mystery photo, it’s definetly A LOT harder then the last one. I’ll don’t think more than one or two penguins will know what it is. But i dont know maybe you’ll prove me wrong.

Just Like last time the first person to answer it correctly will get to have their penguin featured as the penguin of the week with a picture of their own penguin on the sidebar of

Without further ado……


Anyone know what it is?!?! It’s not a famous penguin this time so it’s probably going to be a bit harder to figure out.

Be sure to check back for more club penguin cheats, tips, secrets, tricks.



6 Responses

  1. I think its a Wizard hat on a table? I`m a right?

  2. is it the girl in the first wall papers hat the one on the brown sled pink colur and is it on the hat

  3. earliyer i posted a comment as my name jazzo but if you get any jazzo comment its ment to be cool jazz4 ok sorry

  4. A Widzard hat on a table from the Midevil Party.

  5. Dear Paintboy100,
    I Think It’s The Wizard Hat
    From xpippa123x

  6. wizard hat!

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