We’ve Hit 16,000,000 Visits So It’s Time For The CP Party

Hey guys we’ve hit 16 MILLION visitors on paintboy100.wordpress.com so it’s time for us to throw a GIANT club penguin party. Looking at what everyone had been saying it sounds like the best time to throw the party would either be around 5 pm CPT during the week or around 1-3 pm CPT on either saturday or sunday.

So I’m gonna leave it up to you guys so leave comments and let me know what time you guys think would be the best.

P.S. I’ll also talk to drigerbest and see if he want’s to combine our two parties to make it one big party.


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  2. Hey, I kinda dont wanna join. BUT I WOULD LOVE TO COME TO UR PARTY! Please comment back at ma site.. plz help get ppl to my party 😀 thx u rockkk

  3. hik… im sorry i counldnt come i fell asleep so next time ill come i hope so plz have a nother party soon!!!

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