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The Club Penguin Whats new blog has been updated. They are going to add a new Sensei Plush Toy. It looks cool and I might consider buying it. Here is how it looks like,

I think the Sensei looks awesome. Have you bought Plush Toys before? If yes, leave a comment and tell me what you think of it.


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  1. Hey Paintboyt/Antras/Drigerbest, you guys gotta get a Chat box. Like from xat or mibbit.(I reccomend xat.)

  2. AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sup paintboy i wish i could see you one day mabe if you could come september 2009 some day and could you add me cause ive not seen rockhopper billybob no moderators or enything you know so i dont see enything exsiting on cp so one day in cp september 2009 one day for me could you come and it would be ice if you added me but you dont need to if you dont want to but if you want to add me you can but you dont need to add me but i would really like it if you could make it thx

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