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My 400,000 hits Party!

To Paintboy100: Thanks for the Whose Drigerbest Page, you rock!

Hey everyone, great news! We have reached 400,000 hits on our Club Penguin Blog. Today I checked my Stats and I received 15,000 hits in one day! How cool!? We are going to celebrate it with a huge Club penguin party and hopefully make some rooms full! Not only that, but lots lots more! Heres the invitation!

Drigerbest’s 400,000 hits party

When? 23/09/09

Where? Server Outback Dock

Time? 10:30AM PST/6:30PM GMT

Come dance with Drigerbest

Special Guests to look our for:

Paintboy100 (not confirmed yet)


Do you want to be on the list? Well, now you can in three easy steps!

1) Make a Twitter Account

2) Go to http://twitter.com/drigerbest and click Follow

3) Finally click here and leave a comment with your penguin name and I will add you to the list!

Please also leave a comment If you are coming to the party! There will be recording, Buddy adds and much much more! Its going to be a blast! Tell me if you are coming to the party by leaving a comment now!



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  2. im coming

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