Club Penguin replies to Email!

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Hey everyone, Drigerbest here! Ive got some hot news on the Tallest Mountain! I emailed Club Penguin and I got a reply in a couple of minutes! This is not fake, I took the Whole Screen so that you guys believe me!

(Click the image to enlarge it or read it below)

This is what the letter from Club Penguin said:

Hello Drigerbest,

It’s great to hear from you! Wow, that would be really cool to have a new room that is on the Tallest Mountain! As the Sensei has been keeping his plans very private, no one can be sure what cool new things the Sensei has up his sleeve!

Make sure to help out the Sensei with his work on the Ninja Hideout by putting on your ninja suit and the Cloud Wave Bracer’s. With the speed up of the construction, we can hopefully see what’s coming to the island sooner than later!

If you have any questions, or suggestions for Club Penguin, feel free to contact us anytime.

Waddle on,

Spencer B
Club Penguin Fan Mail

WOW! What do you think? This is super hot news and you must not steal the picture, full credit must go to Paintboy100.



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  1. Lol

  2. Oh that happened to my friend and I too! My friend was bored so she sent an email to and so did I. They answered us, but Julia L answered my friend and Danielle P answered me. I wonder if they will tell us what’s going to happen in Club Penguin next…

  3. I wish I had Cheats

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