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New Ninja Catalogue Item – Ninja Amulet

Hey everyone, Drigerbest here! Today, I found out some awesome hot Ninja news! Its a new Catalogue Item! Club Penguin released it accidently for a couple of minutes and I took a picture as quick as I could! I tried to buy it, but it said Undefined!

Here is what it said on the other side,

“Admire this amulet. Symbol of power and experience, it is the key to mastering the elements. Open the secret doors hidden in this piece and pursue your journey. Dojo awaits the next.

– Sensei”

What do you think the Amulet is for? Maybe the new room? Hopefully we will be able to unlock the entrance to the new room using the amulet. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


5 Responses

  1. wired but cool what could this mean?

  2. hmmmmmmm. I belive this is the key to our training.

  3. i agree with the new room theory

  4. hay you should try it out

  5. when was this

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