Club Penguin Sensei Scavenger Hunt Cheats & Ninja Hideout Under Construcition!

Hey There Penguins,

JUST A NOTE: If You Didnt Get Paintboy100’s Tutorial On Hes Video Or Your Computer Wont Load It I Got A Full Guide Check It Out:

If you didnt notice there’s a cool new scavenger hunt on club penguin. It’s for the sensei. There is also going to be a new ninja journey coming up so Sensei wants use to help him find some fire items!


First off Click on the fire icon thats on the upper right hand side of your screen, right by the moderator icon.



Next go to the Ski Lodge and click on the fireplace.

Scavenger Hunt1

Next go to the book room in the coffee shop and click on the candle

Scavenger Hunt2

After the coffee shop click on the black puffle that’s in the small cage

Scavenger Hunt4

Next go to the mine and click on the light hanging from the ceiling

Scavenger Hunt5

Now go to the pizza parlor and click on the hot sauce above the pizza oven

Scavenger Hunt3

The next item is in the cove, go there and click on the stick right next to the fire

Scavenger Hunt6

Next go to the beach and head up to the beacon. There will be a jetpack and you need to click on it.

Scavenger Hunt7

Finally head over to the dojo courtyard and click on the chinese lamp/light on the left side of the door.

Scavenger hUNT8

Now you can accept the prize and get the fire pin


There you go just beat the scavenger hunt.

P.S. A new room for the dojo is coming to Club Penguin. There was a sneak peek yesterday on club penguin and it looks like we are in for a lot of updates soon. So be ready and i can’t wait until the new ninja journey begins. ,


Check out the sneek peak by going into the ninja hideout and then putting on the cloud bracers. Then turn the wheel and the items will fall down to the basement…..


Check back again for more news about the secret room

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Team Cheats President


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