Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt Cheats & Hidden Items Guide

Hey guys i made a video to show you where you can find all the hidden items for the newest club penguin scavenger hunt, Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt!!!

After you finish the Scavenger Hunt you’ll get the fire pin as your prize which is actually pretty cool for a scavenger hunt prize if you ask me.

The video’s quality isn’t very good, i’m not sure why but i’m sorry for that. I’ll change up my settings for my next recording i must of changed them on accident last time i made a cp video.

Here’s where all the items are located :

  1. Go to the ski lodge and click on the fire
  2. Go to the book room of the coffee shop and click on the candle that’s on the book shelf
  3. Go to the Pet Store and click on the black puffle in the bird cage
  4. Go to the mine shack and click on the hanging light
  5. Go to the pizza parlor and click on the hot sauce above the pizza oven
  6. Go to the cove and click on the stick that’s right by the fire (like it’s one of the sticks used to make the edging of the fire pit)
  7. Go to the Beacon and click on the jet pack
  8. Go to the dojo courtyard and click on the hanging lamp on the left side of the main door
  9. After you do all of this you’ll get the fire pin from the sensei. It’s actually a sweet club penguin pin.


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  2. it is so true thanks

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