Quick Club Penguin Cheats Updates

Actually this is more like website updates.

Ok, later today when i get back from school i’ll be adding the first set of websites to my blogroll’s.

After that i’ll be making a couple more club penguin posts and maybe giving a sneak peak for you guys at the project i’ve been working on….

Lastly i’ll be releasing all the video’s sent to me during the paintboy100 video contest so you guys can take a look at all of them in one place.

That’s all I can think of but I have to go to school so i’ll be doing that all a little later today.



8 Responses

  1. Paintboy100 is the best!


  2. First comment and that would be awesome!!

  3. Hi Paintboy,

    Nice Site Man, Can I Be Author so I Can help your site, Thxs


  4. Hey Paintboy, do u wanna meet on a server? How about Icicle in about an hour?


  5. Hi I really like club penguin too!

  6. where r the places in order for the scavenger hunt

  7. hey u said the partys gonna be the 23 month theres only 12 months in a year sorry but its the truth

  8. paintboy do you want to meet me on club penguin too

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