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As you probably know my website was hacked and my blogroll was deleted a while back. I figured it was about time i set up my blogroll. Since i plan on expanding http://www.newclubpenguincheats.com i’m going to make this an even better deal and add everyone who meets the requirements to both blogrolls (paintboy100.wordpress.com and http://www.newclubpenguincheats.com).

The requirements to be on the paintboy100.wordpress.com and http://www.newclubpenguincheats.com blogrolls is as follows

  • Have over 100,000 hits on your blog/website
  • Add paintboy100.wordpress.com & http://www.newclubpenguincheats.com to your blogroll or links section
  • Leave Me a Message On This Post Or Email Me At Paintboy100@newclubpenguincheats.com and let me know the name of your site

Don’t have 100,000 Hits on Your Website? Don’t Worry!!!! We Have Something For You Too!!!

Are you a new or less famous CP Site? It’s hard to start up a new website and make it popular unless you’re able to get visitors to your site.

Were going to help with that and leave two blogroll spots open for smaller websites every month in addition to our regular blogroll spots. All you have to do is add paintboy100.wordpress.com and http://www.newclubpenguincheats.com to your blogroll and then comment on this post or email me at paintboy100@newclubpenguincheats.com and let me know your website so i can check it. If you added my site to your blogroll it doesn’t matter how many hits you have, i’ll add you to the random drawing and every two weeks i’ll add two new blogs to paintboy100.wordpress.com and http://www.newclubpenguincheats.com


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  1. Hey Paintboy. I don’t think you remember me but I put you on my new site’s blogroll.
    It doesn’t have 100,000 hits. In fact, its only about 450. 😦
    The link is
    Just getting started so don’t blame me.
    Can you please comment on my site if possible?
    Thanks, big fan, Moon Person.

  2. I will put your both sites on my blogroll you will get 1000 hits a day from my site i think.
    I have 560,000 hits.

  3. can i be on your blogroll i dont have enough hits but heres my site http://www.poppymeltcp.wordpress.com so please add me

  4. Yeah Ive Got This Blog On My Blogroll Add Me Plz And IlL Put New Cp Cheats (:

    -Lil Maney

  5. Awesome! I have paintboy100.wordpress.com on my blog which is http://cphintscp.tk thanks! But i dont know how to put newcpcheats on my blogroll because its not a wordpress blog.


  6. i added u my site is http://greenyjr.wordpress.com

  7. I have this site on my blogroll but can’t get the other one, I started a new blod yesterday, I really need help! Please put it on your blogroll!


  8. hey can i go on your blodroll plz i dont have 100 000 i have 500 tho so plz can i

  9. I’ll link to paintboy100.wordpress.com if you link to my site clubpenguincp.com

  10. Hi Paintboy100 🙂 I have way over 100,000 hits on my Blog and I have added you to my Blog List 🙂
    can you add me on your List 🙂


  11. My sites name is http://www.greenone6cphintsandguides.info and you will be able to see that I said your sites are cool on the Other awesome cp sites page.

  12. Hey Paintboy its Tylerhere07, I have had your website on my blogroll for ages now, but how about I have a widget dedicated to your site? Do we have a deal? My website is http://www.tylerhere.wordpress.com

    P.S. I have over 200,000 hits!

  13. Hey Paintboy, it’s Tylerhere07. I have had you on my blogroll for years now and I have just made you a RSS widget on my sidebar! Plus, my website has over 200,000 hits!


  14. Ive got your both sites on my blogroll cphintscp.tk


  15. paintboy!!! some one commented on my site and said it was u, but i was suspicious, cuz they had the same avatar as my friend stripes, then i clicked on the name, and the URL they used was, paintboy100 world press co uk … pretty dumb, dont’cha think?

  16. i added u my site is greenyjr.wordpress.com

  17. lililatrely.wordpress.com
    just a bit of advertising visit my site. youll be glad you did

  18. Cool.I added u too my blog roll,my site is mycpvikingsepire.blogspot.com/

  19. hey paintboy100 i add a link to your website but i dont have 100,000 hits but i going to soon. my website is http://www.superpenguingroup.blogspot.com

  20. ok my site is this http://chobotsandplanetcazmo.blogspot.com/ your site is in my blogroll it contains the rockhopper tracker and he is the best rockhopper tracker chobots,planetcazmoo and clubpenguin cheats and news

  21. whoops comment came up twice! 😆

  22. http://iceanator189.wordpress.com

    Enter Da Ice Man’s labratory of CP Cheetz.

  23. Hey! I was hoping for a spot on your blogroll because I really love your blog and would like to become apart of your community. Please reply via comment on my blog: http://etch.wlwv.k12.or.us/WP/emily/ Thank yo and I will add you if you promise to add me!

  24. I have all of your sites links at my site, http://www.greenone6cphintsandguides.info/ you can find them at the “Other awesome cp sites!” page.
    my site has moderator trackers, Club penguin glitch guides, Club penguin game hints,a chat box,book codes, News about my site, and even a couple of different games on the “Play other games!!!” page.

  25. My site is http://www.greenone6cphintsandguides.info and I put your sites name (even paintboy100guides.com) in the “Other awesome cp sites!” page.

  26. How is it going with the blog list?

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