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The Club Penguin Dojo Black Puffle Turns Into a Flaming Puffle!

Hey There Penguins,

There’s a new black puffle at the Dojo Courtyard Doing An Awesome Trick! Go check him out:

Fall Fair 2

You Have To Wear Your Ninja Suit To Watch Him Go On Fire.

There’s another 2 in the upper left of the Ninja Hideout:

Fall 3

LOL! I Agree With Lil Maney Anyway Try Any Of Them, Walk Up To Them:

Fall 4

And Theres Another One At The Forest:

Fall 1

Pretty Cool Huh? What Do You Think? Comment And Let Me Know? Trust Me Theres Gonna Be Something Really Cool? This Must Be A Clue, If You Know Anything Comment Below And Let Me Know.

If Your Not A Ninja And Cant See The Black Puffle Perform An Awesome Trick Click Here To Become A Ninja!

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Team Cheats Presidnet

5 Responses

  1. so does the one on top of rockhopper in the ski village

  2. There is one at the ski village top left.
    It is quite high i only just found it

  3. if you get one ninja to go to a puffle in the hideout and you go to the other they will both catch on fire

  4. if one ninja goes to one puffle in the ninja hideout and you go to the other they will both catch on fire

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