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Screenhog’s Fall Fair Scavenger Hunt & Club Penguin Now Selling White Puffle Plush Toys!

Scavenger Hunt!

Here’s a list of stuff screenhog came up with to do during the fall fair, Check it Out

Check out the 5 penguins, especially the one with huge muscles

There are 3 saddles in one room

Go To the popcorn stand

Get A caramel apple

Get some cotton candy mmmm

Theres a room with 300 balls

A complete wall full of cactus

TheA spinning green puffle

A room that has only a single color of balloons (any other room with balloons has them in more than one color)
The Great Puffle Circus

P.s White puffles are now for sale!!!


You can find it at toys r’ us stores in U.S.A, Australia, England And Canada?  You can probably get them online too if you don’t live in those countries

-Lil Maney

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