First EVER Penguin Of The Week Contest

For the first ever paintboy100 penguin of the week contest we decided to make it a mystery picture contest.  This picture is a super zoomed in part of a club penguin picture.  What you need to do to win the contest is correctly guess what the picture is of.

It could be anything from club penguin and the first person to guess correctly wins the first penguin of the week contest.  Good Luck and Here We Go!!!


Think you know what it is!?!?!  Well leave your comment and the first person to get it right will win the first ever Paintboy100 Penguin Of The Week contest.

Hurry up and stop reading this time is wasting away!!!!


30 Responses

  1. a red penguin with a jet pack

  2. Rockhopper!

  3. Rockhopper zoomed in

  4. the suit on the member part of the fall fiar

  5. a red penguin with a jet pack

  6. rockhopper

  7. rockhopper!!!

  8. rock hopper

  9. The Cirus ringmaster suit from the prize booth!

  10. rock hopper

  11. The Rockhopper Tracker needs updating, by the way.

  12. SPOILER! I’m dont really know…. jetpack…

  13. A penguins nose

  14. its rockhopper duh

  15. rockhopper

  16. the secret agent penguin from the missions or rockhopper

  17. the slide on the ice berg really zoomed in? by the way the rockhopper tracker is awesome. my penguin is carpetgirl

  18. Me lol jk

  19. a close up of a rockhoppers beard,nose, and body/neck

  20. the ringmster suit from fall fair zommed in and i know were you live

  21. Rockhopper

  22. rockhopper!

  23. The sign at the jet pack adventure during the fall fair

  24. The fall fair sign for jetpack adventure!!


  26. ROCKHOPPER!!!!!!

  27. It is rockhopper!

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