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If You Didn’t Notice The Prediction of the Fall Fair Hat Was RIGHT!!!

Check it out guys, about a week ago we commented on a possible new fall fair hat ( thanks to lilmaney ) and guess what we were right!!! Club Penguin released an image of the new hat as one of the new fall fair items and it’s identical to the one the penguin was wearing in the picture we showed you last week.


Thanks club penguin but we don’t need a sketch, we know what it actually looks like and we’ve know for a while now =p

Great job lilmaney on the detective work on this one!!!

P.S. Is everyone else enjoying the fall fair? It’s been pretty fun so far but i’m guessing it gets better by the end of the week…. 😉

4 Responses

  1. Thanks Man, Dude You Rock :-]

  2. Hi paintboy look i have a new cheat on how to defeat sensei:
    don’t even try! all you do is wait for the time 2 end and that way u will defeat him faster (I beat him on my second try, txs to my bro)
    check out my blog 2!

  3. How Much tickets do you think it will be?

  4. ok

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