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Penguin Of The Week Contest’s!!!


We thought a cool new idea for our website would be to have penguin of the week contests where you could win the title of penguin of the week! How it would work is we would have a new contest every week and who ever won it would get to have their penguin featured on paintboy100.wordpress.com right on the sidebar by our youtube channel and twitter logo’s.

This site has had almost 16 MILLION VISITORS so being the penguin of the week is definetly a good way to get you and your penguin some fame and spotlight. Best of all the contests will be easy and free, all you’ll have to do is comment and be the first person with the right answer ( most comments have to be approved before they appear so if you don’t see your comment right away don’t worry, it tells me who was the first to comment so i’ll know. )

So basically if your the first with the right answer to the secret question/picture or have the winning entry in a contest a picture of YOUR PENGUIN and YOUR NAME will appear on paintboy100.wordpress.com.

Good luck and we’ll be releasing the first contest tomorrow so be ready!!!


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