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Paintboy100’s Fall Fair Guide

We’ve seen a lot of little guides talking about this and that from the fall fair so we thought it would be a good idea to make one complete guide that covers everything you’de want to know about the club penguin fall fair.

First off as you probably know you can find fall fair games in tons of different places on club penguin.

  • Dock
  • Beach
  • Snow Forts
  • Forest
  • Cove

The basic idea is to play game to win tickets which you can use to get prizes. Your can trade in your tickets for prizes in the forest prize station or in the members only area in the Great Puffle Circus. P.S. there’s a lot of prizes to choose from check it out below.

The best games for getting tickets that i’ve found are

  • The Memory Card Game
  • Ring The Bell
  • Puffle Paddle

Something important that you need to remember is that the tickets disappear from your account when you log off so make sure that you use your tickets on an item before you log off. Any item you buy using tickets will still be there when you log back on but your tickets won’t be.

Here’s a list of fall fair prizes that you can buy in the regular prize shop and the members only prize shop ( part of the great puffle circus )


  • Tiara: 100 tickets
  • Cotton Candy Pin: 50 tickets
  • Red Star Hat: 100 tickets
  • Fall Fair Background: 50 tickets


  • Tent Igloo: 700 tickets
  • Teddy Bear: 200 tickets
  • Circus Leader Hat: 110 tickets
  • Circus Leader Outfit: 300 tickets
  • Circus Background: 50 tickets

That’s basically the stuff you’de want to know before going into the fall fair. Hope you have fun and i’ve got a couple surprises planned for this week on this site at New Club Penguin Cheats

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